About Us

Our Guarantee To You

We are a school that guarantees better focus and discipline in every student that joins our program. And with distractions like video games and television invading western society, Taekwondo becomes the ultimate force in keeping the student centered and focused on important goals. Our students greatly improve in areas of scholastic endeavors, fitness and mental levels and family relationships.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Within 6 months of training, greater self-confidence and self-esteem levels arise in the student, giving them the motivation to achieve success in areas they did not believe possible. The shy and timid students begin to converse more freely and confidently, the over-active student begins to control their impulses, and those that are used to giving up when things get tough, learn to persevere until they overcome frustration.

Bullying continues to be a big challenge for kids and adults alike. Our school provides the student with sound solutions to better deal with the problem by offering mental and physical skills for handling conflicts of all kinds. Our program works for bullies as well. We have had instances where the bully and his prey ended up in the same class. By training side by side with our black belt role models, bullies quickly realize that their behavior was wrong and end up being role models to other potential bullies.

But Taekwondo is NOT just for kids. Adult students gain amazing levels of fitness, energy and positive attitudes by practicing with us. The middle aged student regains their youthful attitude and outlook and in turn creates a whole new world of possibilities for themselves. Family relationships GREATLY improve when everyone participates. “Families that kick together, stick together”!

In summary, we are a Preparatory School that equips the student with the life skills necessary to be successful in scholastic, athletic and life long endeavors. Our school offers much to dramatically change somebody’s life. Its exciting to witness the positive change in each and every student, and rewarding for us as instructors to see the transformation firsthand.

We invite you to be a part of our exciting program and experience for yourself the many rewards Taekwondo has to offer.

Masters Gunter, Kathryn & Miles Kiffmann


For 23 years the Kiffmanns have been teaching Taekwondo on Maui.  They have trained under such masters as Grandmaster Hee Il Cho, Grandmaster Kwan Soon Choi and Grandmaster Bong C. Kim. They opened the first WTF/USAT certified Taekwondo school on the island. Their commitment to Taekwondo excellence, vigorous training and discipline, have created some of the best martial artists and Taekwondo athletes.

The Kiffmanns are internationally recognized martial artists and are consultants to many foreign Taekwondo schools.They hold seminars for teams from as far away as India and also host the annual Maui Open Taekwondo Championship bringing in competitors from all over the globe.

Kiffmann Taekwondo has produced  hundreds of U.S.  National and many International Taekwondo Medalists.