Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training Program

This is an online personal training program designed to improve physical fitness for all ages. Workouts will be 3 times a week and created using There you can view your workouts on your mobile device. Every exercise will be provided with a video that demonstrates proper form. You can also type in questions and upload a video of yourself performing the exercise for corrections if necessary. Invoices will be sent to your email address via PayPal. No long-term commitment required. Program will cost $99 a month.

"Why not just go on youtube" - There is one main reason. Nobody will be correcting you. Miles trained beginners with little natural talent, coordination, strength or speed to become world class athletes. He is a perfectionist when it comes to correct technique and he never stops improving outdated methods..

Here is a clip of  some of his junior athletes ages 6-11

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Miles of Fitness
Miles Kiffmann
NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Miles coaching 2018 WT President's cup Gold medalist Ka'ale



is a 5th Dan Kukkiwon World Taekwondo certified black belt and is the youngest certified Master in Hawaii. Miles competition highlights include a silver medal at the Korean Open and a gold and bronze medal at the US Open. Besides being a world class competitor, he is also a top level coach to many national/international medalists.

Major Accomplishments:

2019 Coach to Jerico San Agustin (2019 – Canada Open Gold medalist, 2019 US Open bronze Medalist, 2019 President’s cup bronze medalist, 2019/2020 AAU Jr. national A-team member)
2018 coached his mother Kathryn Kiffmann (age 56) to win Gold at Nationals
2016 coached his father Gunter Kiffmann (age 56) to win Gold at Nationals
2016 Coached Camryn Henry to become US jr National Champion and first US Jr. National team member from Maui
2015 Coached Camryn Henry to win the 2015 Australian Open (G2 Olympic Qualifier)
2010 becomes first Maui Junior(14-17) athlete to medal at US Open
2010 becomes first Maui Junior(14-17) athlete to make US Team Trials
2008 becomes one of only two US athletes to medal at the Korea Open