Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How many classes are offered to the student per week?
We offer 4-5 classes per week to Little Dragons (ages 3-5) and 5-6 classes per week for kids thru adults (ages 6-up)

How many classes per week should I attend?
We recommend three classes per week for most students. Those who endeavor to compete nationally or who are preparing for black belt testing will take 4-6 classes weekly plus engage in team training practices.

Do I have to be fit to start Taekwondo? Many of our black belts as well as top competitors started off without former athleticism. Many lacked coordination and fitness. Some of our beginners were well into their 40’ with no prior fitness regime and succeeded beyond first degree black belt. Discipline to weekly practice is all that is required to be successful within martial arts.

How long does it take to become a become a Black Belt?
Attendance is the primary requirement for succeeding in anything and Taekwondo is no exception. We are what we do continuously. To get a black belt in our school involves serious commitment. The more you train the higher the level of accomplishment. Those students with outside responsibilities and activities—who train 1-2 times per week—will take much longer to achieve blackbelt. Those who train diligently will excel much faster.

If I’ve trained in another martial art or at another Taekwondo studio, do I have to start over as a white belt?
We recognize your rank, if you trained at a USAT/WT certified school. You will keep your current belt while learning our curriculum up to your previous rank.

Do I have to compete in tournaments? We do not require tournament competition however we DO encourage it. There are divisions for every age and competing in a tournament simulates real life self defense abilities. The focus is not necessarily always on winning—when it comes to tournaments—but in getting in the ring with another person and feeling confident enough to execute ones techniques. Also, the more confident the student is at sparring the more proficient they will be for their blackbelt testing.

Is sparring required ?
All Yellow belts and up are required to practice sparring in class. All sparring classes are controlled and monitored. Sparring beginners are always partnered with black belts and our experienced competition team members, to ensure trust and safety and positive feedback. The beginner also practices “promise sparring”, which is a controlled form of sparring—minimal contact—that regulates the force of all techniques according to his/her and his/her partner’s desired level of challenge. Finally, you have learned all the necessary techniques within Taekwondo, but never practice them by sparring, you have learned nothing. If we learn everything there is to know about a chess board and its pieces, yet never play a game of chess, we are missing out on %50 of what chess is all about. The complete martial artist not only understands the technique but ALSO understands proper execution of technique.

Why do people bow upon entering a martial arts studio?
Bowing is a symbol of respect in Asian cultures similar to the western handshake. Bowing instills humility and is a primary way of disciplining our ego; through bowing we become more humble beings.

How can I make sure my child is safe from sexual predators at a martial arts training facility?
All our instructors are Safesport certified and trained to recognize and report sexual predators.

Competition Questions & Answers

A friend of mine told me he trains at a school on Maui that has Taekwondo World Champions, is that possible?
Although a few athletes from Oahu qualified for World Championships many years ago, there has never been a Taekwondo World Champion from Hawaii, let alone Maui. There are several fake “World Championship” tournaments held annually in the US with no qualification requirements and most have no other countries competing.  The real Taekwondo World Championship is held every two years and has only been held in the USA two times, 1977 in Chicago and 1993 in New York. Only the National team member of each country in each weight category is eligible to compete at the real Taekwondo World Championship.

What is USAT?
USAT is the official National Governing Body for Taekwondo in the USA as recognized by the Unites States Olympic Committee

What is AAU Taekwondo?
AAU is the Amateur Athletic Union. USAT top level competitors often attend AAU national tournaments in order to earn trips to tournaments supported by AAU. AAU is doing a great job by having US Taekwondo practitioners from various organizations such as ITF, ATA, WTF etc. compete at the same events.

Does Hawaii Have A State Taekwondo Championship?
Yes. Every year, around March or April, the official USAT National Qualifier/Hawaii Taekwondo Championship is held on Oahu. This event is sponsored by Oahu Taekwondo Center. The annual official Hawaii AAU Taekwondo National Qualifier is currently hosted by our dojang.