Taekwondo Rules


  1.   Bow before stepping on the mat. Always bow to the Instructors/Blackbelt’s at the beginning and
    ending of training. Bowing teaches us humility, unconditional positive regard, and courtesy.
    2.     Respect towards master’s and blackbelt’s is very important. Address blackbelt instructors as “Sir”
    or “Ma’am” and Kiffmann Masters’ as “Master Miles”, “Master Kathryn” or “Master Gunter”
    3.     Clean uniform and body. Uniforms, feet, and hands must be clean before entering dojang.
    4.     Keep your voice down during training. Whether on the mat, viewing outside or in the lobby,
    please be speak quietly during classes to avoid distracting students and instructors.
    5.     Maintain regular attendance. Students must train regularly in order to maintain technical
    understanding and knowledge and advance in belts.
    6.     Students are required to memorize their poomsae (form) before advancing in belts. The higher
    the rank, the more poomsae to remember.
    7.    Belt tests are by invitation only. When the student is proficient in their poomsae and have been
    consistent in attendance, they will be invited to test. Also, know your tenets and Taekwondo oath.
    8.    Be on time to training. Students late to class will perform a warm-up sequence with an assistant
    before joining class.
    9.     Communication. Conflicts will arise during the journey of martial arts. If you have a concern that’s’
    effecting your training, please communicate with the Masters in effort to remedy the situation.
    10.    Impartiality towards all. Every member must follow dojang rules. While we appreciate the
    kindness of anyone’s assistance—and are very grateful--we cannot offer special allowances to a
    student because of any generosity in order to avoid political unfairness.
    11.     Do not compare one student with the other. Everyone learns and advances at their own pace.
    Do not compare yourself or your child with another. Our number one competitor is ourselves.
    12.     Keep the dojang clean. Please remove your rubbish and take home your gear after class.

Taekwondo Tenets:
Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control, Indomitable Spirit

Taekwondo Oath: (Only memorize the bold sentence)

To never initiate violence.
The martial artist should do everything within their power to avoid violent conflict.

To be a courageous opponent against all untruths.                                  
The martial arts warrior avoids gossip and slanderous behavior.

To respect nature.
A martial artist is conscious of the environment and everything in it.

To follow all the rules of Taekwondo and my instructor.
Observance of Dojang rules by everyone is important for maintaining a healthy environment.

To always strive for what is good, and not what is evil.
The martial artist looks for the good in all, and all the good that could manifest.